Clients and Referring Agencies

When tailoring a care package for our service users we look at the following key elements:
Health of the service user
Identity and personal development
Cultural and religious background
Training and education
Personal development

To meet the ever changing needs of our Service Users a constant monitoring process is in place through the regular contact between service users and our staff.

But for this to be truly effective this monitoring must be available to the referring agency, quickly and efficiently. Traditional methods of producing monthly or weekly reports that are posted to the referring agency are slow and can in some cases exacerbate the situation. We offer a web based client contact program that all referring agencies have access to offering realtime and up to date information. Thereby ensuring up to the minute feedback on client based issues.

We are also able to offer key documentation in a verity of languages to suit the cosmopolitan client base that most Local Authorities and Youth Offending Teams now work with.